Anne Cook

"Hi Kaye, Thank you so much for the so2go. It has made a big difference to John when drinking wine, especially Pinot Noir which he has always loved. 2 squirts into his glass & he can tolerate it, a far cry from his nose streaming which is the norm. There was a slight sniff on the 3rd glass, but he probably wouldn’t normally drink any more than a couple. We are very grateful. Will keep in touch.

Kindest Regards, Anne Cook

Margaret Wardle

"Hi there. I have been buying from you and using your so2go sprays for several years ,just receiving another 10 I ordered on the 15th which surprised me no end when they arrived the following day,wowww. I use mine because without it my throat closes on the first sip if I don't. It does that with any diet drink as well and never knew why. I was so glad when I was introduced to this spray by my cousins daughter who had a friend who used it. I seen your Testimonials page and none of them had my problem,so maybe it may help someone with my problem but I did not know how to put it there. I am so pleased with it and I do tell people when ever I get the chance . Once again a big THANK YOU".

Kind regards Margaret Wardle.


C Parker

I purchased your product on the weekend and tried it and found it marvellous!! I love wine but can't usually drink it due to it giving me headaches. Your product definitely worked for me.

Mrs Nightingale

I am so pleased you have come up with this idea. It's great! Wine has caused me terrible headaches since I moved here 3 years ago and no one could tell me why. Well for the first time I have been able to enjoy a glass of wine with everyone else without getting a bad headache but the only worry now is that I managed to drink 2 bottles to myself which is another worry. Many thanks its made such a difference and I'm spreading the word.


Hello, First of all, thank you so much for your product! I'm really happy that I can enjoy wine without the embarrassment (and discomfort) of a bright red face. I have already recommended your product to family, friends and colleagues. It really is a brilliant idea.


Thank you very much. I discovered your product at Liquor Barns in Falcon. It certainly does reduce my symptoms.

Judy Mahony

Thanks so much, Claire, for your rapid and efficient response.  We are clearly impressed with both your product and your website.


Thank you for making this wonderful product available. To have the opportunity to enjoy a glass of wine with friends instead of being an inactive bystander is a treat and a wonderful pleasure. Without the resulting body reactions to the preservatives, I can now enjoy a wine without worrying about the "after" reaction. Thank you for making socialising pleasant again.


Hello, I was wondering if you would take orders from the UK? I have just got back to the UK from Perth where I tried your product and I thought it was fantastic!

Scott Grogan

I recently returned from a holiday in WA which included Margaret River. One of my friend in Mandurah used it during dinner. I think its fantastic.


My order arrived today I am very happy with the service and hope the wife starts to enjoy her wines again with your product.

Mick Serventy Organic Wines

I tried it tonight with a bottle I knew was sulphery- it worked!! Can I buy it in bulk?

Venessa Hendry

I cannot thank you enough for this product! Since the use of sulphur dioxide was increased exponentially around 7 years ago, I have not been able to drink even the smallest amount without side-effects. One glass would cause stomach bloating and cramping, two…and instant ‘food poisioning’ symptoms, complete with vomiting until it was out of my system. Since then, I’ve suffered through a number of hideous preservative free wines, until this Christmas. While pulling faces at pf’s in a south-west bottle shop before Christmas, a lovely gentleman laughed and said “You don’t have to drink that you know”, before pointing me to your product on the counter. A Christmas miracle! I enjoyed many lovely glasses of my old favourites without becoming ill. Since then, my husband (who hated watching me struggle for hours after a bottle of wine), family and friends have become converts and tell everyone about your product. Personally, I can’t understand why all bottle shops aren’t selling it. Not only are there a lot of people out there suffering from the effects of SO2, but there are a lot of people who will develop intolerances. Congratulations on such a simple, yet so life altering product.

Leigh Eastman

I have just recently discovered this product and it certainly is fantastic, I can now enjoy nice bottles of wine again, without staying awake all night. I can't thank my friends in Perth enough who put me onto this product. I am a very satisfied customer.

Lynne Mathew

Thank you so much for an amazing product. Just recently, after being frustrated with trying to find preservative free wines locally, I went onto the net and thankfully your site came up. Wow, I was so excited to just read of such a product and immediately got my daughter to get me some SO2GO from Porters, Northwood, close to where she lives. I am a headache sufferer with wine of any type being a major trigger. In fact, for the past few years my reaction has intensified in that just half a glass of wine would react with a headache the next morning. This product of yours works brilliantly for me and now I am able to partake of many different types of wine and enjoy them all. My husband and I were shopping at Vintage Cellars and I couldn't help telling my story and they were so impressed, said they had so many customers requesting preservative free wines and that they would definitely be following this up.I have just recently discovered this product and it certainly is fantastic, I can now enjoy nice bottles of wine again, without staying awake all night. I can't thank my friends in Perth enough who put me onto this product. I am a very satisfied customer.

Mrs McGann

I was recently given your product for my birthday, after years of suffering the next morning with headaches and stuffiness. Thanking you for inventing something that is crucial to us wine lovers that have sulphur allergies.