Now you can enjoy wine - PRESERVATIVE FREE - with SO2GO

SO2GO is a completely safe and natural product, which reduces the preservatives in wine, champagne, beer & cider.
One of the most common reaction to preservatives in wine, can be a headache, even after just a couple of mouthfuls of wine. So2go can help prevent these headaches. So2go can also help prevent other side effects such as flush, wheezy, stuffy nose and hives.

It's so easy.  SO2GO comes in a sachet or a spray bottle that fits conveniently in your pocket or handbag. Just add a sachet of SO2GO to a bottle of wine or  treat a glass of wine to 2 sprays from the bottle. Swirl & enjoy!

Enjoy your wine headache free and preservative free

" Hi Kaye, Thank you so much for the so2go. It has made a big difference to John when drinking wine, especially Pinot Noir which he has always loved. 2 squirts into his glass & he can tolerate it, a far cry from his nose streaming which is the norm. There was a slight sniff on the 3rd glass, but he probably wouldn’t normally drink any more than a couple. We are very grateful. Will keep in touch "

Kindest Regards, Anne Cook